Welcome to the homepage of FTPN - the Norwegian Association of Transgenders

The FTPN is the Norwegian Associan of Transgenders. We organize all kinds of transgenders (transvestites, transsexuals, transgenders, crossdressers, and other trans-types) in Norway. Our purpose is to provide support for Norwegian transgenders, and to broaden the acceptance and recognition of transgenderism in the Norwegian society.

The Norwegian population is (broadly speaking) a relatively open-minded people. Norwegian legislation protects the rights of all LBGTU and other minorities. Consequently, it is fully acceptable to be transgenered (regardless of sexual orientation etc.). Even so, being a transgenered person is still challenging - at least for the person itself - who still experience fear of how the inviroment will react to the disclosure of transgenderism.

We contribute to make transgerderism more acceptable both to the transgendered person him/herself, and substantial progress has been made during recent years.   

These pages are otherwise in Norwegian, since these pages are primarily intended to an Norwegian audience, and to function as a support group for mostly Norwegian-speaking members and others seeking information and assistance. If you are an non-Norwegian speaking transgender, living here in Norway, and would like more information about our group, perhaps even seeking membership with us, please send us an e-mail at post@ftpn.no. We will then try to provide you the necessary assistance in English. For all of the rest, please use an automated translation service such as Google translate to read our pages.