Femåring eksempel på økende antall GID-barn i UK

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The Telegraph rapporterer om hvordan helsemyndigheter og barnehage har hjulpet til med å legge til rette for Zachy. Moren forteller bl.a.:

"He likes playing with his sister’s old toys but he still loves Dr Who too and playing with his brother. And we still put some neutral clothes in his wardrobe if he ever decides he wants to wear them. We explained to the other kids at the school that Zachy’s body was that of a boy but in his brain he was a girl. We said Zach was just happier being a girl than a boy. But the other kids haven’t batted an eyelid, they’ve accepted Zach as Zach and there’s been no problems at the school with bullying.
People need to be aware of this condition because it’s very common but even many family support workers have never heard of cases in children. There are people out there but they don’t want to talk about it."
En representant for Tavistock Clinick sier videre at 165 barn har fått diagnosen GID i 2011/2012.
"Tavistock Clinic had 97 referrals in 2009/2010; 139 in 2010/2011"

Les mer på The Telegraph.

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